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Investments are often the clearest reflection of our vision for the future. They bring together our hopes and aspirations, with a reasoned and logical conception of how the world around us may evolve. The many sacrifices and decisions we make today are all efforts to find a home for those aspirations in a rapidly evolving world. And while each investment decision is dictated by the subjective preferences of an investor, and their visions of the future, there are certain underlying principles that they would do well to bear in mind.

Invest In Originality
Most ideas or concepts have a sell-by date, post which they often get caught in a cycle of obscurity and plateauing growth. It’s especially true for regurgitated concepts, that are often flogged by imitators. Conversely, an original idea has a longer shelf-life and bigger scope for growth. For example, just by the virtue of having the largest roof terrace anywhere in India, The Ark has distinguished itself as a pioneering lifestyle concept, which will continue to draw a premium in value over time.

Find A Name You Trust
You can’t go wrong when investing in a name or brand you trust. That’s because it’s a proven fact that values of hard work, trust, and excellence become hallmarks of certain organizations, and they shine through in all that they do. It’s conceivable that the vast majority of investors are showing interest in luxury homes at The Ark, primarily because of Tribeca Developers’ stellar record of pioneering luxury real estate in India.

Experiences Matter
Speculative investors will never be able to truly size up the worth of their investments, unlike those who invest in experiences and personal growth. Seekers of personal growth are receptive to new ideas and innovations, with a clearer idea of the world they want to live in. Whether it’s the boundless tranquillity of green spaces that stretch to the horizons, a lifestyle that indulges the need for health and well-being, or even the rush of discovering new hobbies, it’s all about enriching one’s own existence enroute to self-improvement and fulfilment.
These are much less investment ground rules, then a guide to a more wholesome investment outlook, which leads investors to decisions that align their financial priorities with more intrinsic requirements of the mind, body, and spirit. The ability to develop and hold this enlightened perspective becomes the key to spotting great investment opportunities, and making them count.

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