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Pune has always held the baton for promoting a healthy and safe lifestyle. In continuing with this trend, the real estate sector has followed suit by developing projects with amenities that help maintain health and well-being.
Lately, lives have been severely hampered by the COVID pandemic and it has necessitated a revamp of the paradigms of living. Owning a home alongside making health a priority has gained precedence. To survive the era imbued by a contagious virus, lockdown, curfews, and increased pollution, it has become essential to live in a home with a huge array of health and wellness supporting amenities.
‘The Ark’, touted as Pune’s Masterpiece is a quintessential example of this. A residential marvel, it has been made future proof with a deluge of amenities, encompassing varied lifestyles. Residences at The Ark, comprise configurations of 3 & 4 BHK and favours the category of a Residential Luxury Apartment on NIBM Road, Pune.
Homes here, provide comprehensive wellness options to a prospective resident, such as:

1. Green Surroundings
With spectacular views of 200 acres of protected green forest surrounding your home, life at The Ark beckons you to soak in a tranquil environment and inhale the freshest air nature can provide. With a steep decline in Air Quality today, living at the Ark promises you a chance at the best views coupled with a noticeable enhancement in air quality, mainly provided by the reserved forest in your backyard.
More so, every Ark resident receives unfettered access to a private 2.5 acre forest, replete with ecologically responsible amenities, a nature trail, machans to bask in solitude and peace, alongside a flower, herb and butterfly garden. Just a few green amenities to drive you closer to nature.
Hence, a Residential Luxury Apartment on NIBM Road, Pune, is within reach for those seeking a piece of heaven, ideally connected and yet, away from the din of every day.

2. Sports
Today, health professionals consistently reiterate the emphasis on making exercise and activity a lifestyle. Including exercise and sports in our lives provides long term health benefits apart from enhancing one’s mood. The Ark promises its residents a comprehensive lifestyle. Thus, it comes equipped with 2 gyms, indoor and outdoor, a clubhouse with a squash court, a separate basketball court, a rock-climbing wall among other amenities that guarantee a healthy integrated lifestyle.

3. Dedicated Kid’s Play area
Kids have been the least affected by the virus, but their lifestyle has been the worst hit. With school-from-home and a ban on playing in the public parks, it has become important to have a specific area to suit children’s physical growth and recreational needs, more so than ever. At The Ark, we have dedicated a massive play area replete with provisions to keep your kids busy, thus giving them countless reasons to learn and grow as they play outdoors while reducing their screen time.
The kid’s play area at The Ark comes equipped with features such as slides and tunnels, group building activity space, treehouse, kids & toddlers pool and more.

4. Yoga Deck
An age-old practice of assimilating mental and physical techniques for overall prosperity. Requiring reconnecting with one’s Zen is the need of the hour, brought on mainly due to anxiety and social distance in our post-covid world. At The Ark, you get access to your own space to practice this ancient health form, right from the comfort of your backyard. Unfettered access to a private 2-acre private forest with ecologically responsible amenities such as a yoga deck, ensures your need for solitude and introspection are met.

Your home at The Ark, NIBM Road, Pune, summons you and your family to experience ecological amenities shaped for your holistic growth and development.

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